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Dear Patients,

Urgent - Same Day AppointmentsIf you are like most Americans, you are aware that healthcare is changing on many fronts. If you have been hospitalized in the past few months, you are aware that the push is for much of care formerly delivered in a hospital to instead be done as an outpatient.

Our patients have expressed concern about their need for care, and often long waits to get it. In response to these concerns, and because we desire to provide expedient care as a problem develops to optimize the outcome, The Kidney & Hypertension Group has developed a daily RAPID RESPONSE CLINIC. This means you can call and the same day Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, one of our 6 board certified nephrologists will see you that day for your kidney, hypertension or related condition, whether you are a new or existing patient in our practice.

We have made the Primary physicians and hospitalists we work with aware of our new service. We will also see you on the day of discharge if there are issues to be addressed that remain from your hospitalization. If you contact us during the evening or weekend, the KHG physician on call will arrange for you to be seen as soon as the office re-opens. If you are already a patient of the Kidney & Hypertension Group, and your doctor in our group is not available, another one of our physicians will see you and immediately contact your nephrolgist to discuss his findings.

Please contact us at (954)771-3929 and let us know if you require an immediate appointment. Our goal is to prevent the problem from worsening by providing you with immediate attention.

Doctors Valle, Bejar, Ajuria, Torres, Baez, and Waheed.

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