Our Office Policies

  1. Test Results/Lab work – You will most likely be given a follow-up appointment to return after you have completed various tests and/or lab work. If a significant abnormality is noted in the results or if immediate further testing is necessary, you will be notified by telephone. In all other cases, the results will be discussed at your follow-up visit and not by telephone as the proper discussion involves a detailed conversation with the doctor. Your well-being is important to us; therefore, please keep your scheduled appointments. If you desire copies of your lab work, you may stop by or leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope with our staff. We will also be happy to fax a copy to a home fax (federal privacy laws prohibit us from faxing results, even at your request, to your place of business).
  2. Cancellation – We ask that you cancel your appointment within a minimum of 24 hours notice as several of our doctors have a 2 month wait for an opening often provoking patient frustration; therefore, to remedy this, we ask that you carefully consider your ability to keep the appointment when scheduling…then, do just that…keep that appointment! If you must cancel, we ask that you understand a wait does exist to get another appointment on short notice. If we do not receive a 24 hour notice of your cancellation, you may incur a $25 appointment no show charge.
  3. Primary Care – You have been referred here by another physician, often your primary doctor and, in some cases, a sub-specialist. Due to the nature of our critical care practice, we are unable to assume the role of primary doctor and are unable to handle those prescriptions, etc. normally written by your primary physician. However, if you do not have a primary, we are happy to provide you with a list of doctors who can provide this care, as we will not assume the role of primary doctor.
  4. Referrals – HMO referrals should be obtained well in advance of your appointment and, rather than trust that it will be faxed to our office, please bring it along with you to your appointment as it is the patient’s responsibility to make certain it is here in advance of being seen. Also bring any lab work done elsewhere; please do not depend on it being faxed by others.) Without a referral, you will not be seen and, as stated, rescheduling often delays your visit many weeks.
  5. Prescription Refills – Please do not call for refills. We prefer that you call your pharmacy, which will then fax a request for a refill to us. We will only refill medications that our doctors have prescribed.
  6. It is important to us that your visit here be a pleasant experience and that you are treated courteously and professionally. We request that any area of your visit that falls short of this expectation be brought to our attention by contacting the Office Manager (ext. 4) at our main number to discuss any area of concern (non-financial). Financial questions can be answered at 954-771-3929 (ext. 6).
  7. Billing & Insurance Info - We accept Medicare assignment and many managed care programs. It is the patients responsibility to verify coverage of services. If your plan includes a deductible or co-pay, payment is expected at the time of your visit as we accept all major credit cards, checks, or cash.
  8. Federal privacy laws do not allow us to discuss any aspect of your care with any persons including family members unless we have your written and specific permission to do so. Please designate a family representative should the need arise with whom you would like us to communicate (if any). If you prefer that your care be discussed with no one, please specify this.
  9. To enable you to have time to fill our the new patient registration we have provided an editable copy for you to download, fill in and bring with you to your first appointment. New Patient Registration Form in pdf format

We are pleased to have you as a patient of The Kidney Group. With a team approach – the doctor, the staff, and YOU – we feel we can achieve the highest quality nephrology care available, and we look forward to this opportunity!

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